Who Is Craig?


Craig Cox, PhD

In 1993 Craig qualified as a hypnotherapist. He studied under the famous South African stage hypnotherapist Evans Brown.

In 2008 he decided to re qualify in a South African training facility (SAIH) who subscribes to the International medical Dental and Hypnotic Association (IMDHA) and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & General Hypnotherapy Register

This took over three years of part time study and dedication. The qulifications attaind are CHT certified Hypnotherapist, CPTF certified parts therapy facilitator. He specializes in Addiction Therapy, Regression Therapy, Trauma and Stress therapy and Group Syntax Embedded Imagery sessions.

Craig also holds a Doctorate in Philosophy specializing in Metaphysical Counselling, a Masters degree in Metaphysical Science exploring the links between Quantum Physics and Meditation, and a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science.

He spent five years at university studying English Literature, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Psychology, Philosophy and Music. He then started an import / export commodities business trading food and minerals in Africa and China. He worked in this field for 18 years with varying levels of success and stress!

Whilst working, Craig continued to study and achieved diplomas in Import / Export Management, 3D Animation and Design, Real Estate Management, IT, Hypnotherapy and Diamond Evaluation. He has also studied extensively most aspects of Religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Alchemy), human spirituality, meditation and served a four year apprenticeship to qualify as an Inyanga (Traditional African Healer or Shaman)

He currently lectures on Stress, Wellness and Meditation, and consults in Johannesburg and Pretoria as a RSA, UK and USA Certified Hypnotherapist, Parts Therapist and Life Coach.

First and foremost, most people, addicts included, either don’t know or don’t believe that addiction is a very real, very physical disease.

People are not addicts because they are weak, and they don’t have trouble quitting because of weakness!