Smoking Cessation

Over 80% of the smoking habit is a deeply embedded behaviour pattern that is triggered by a known or unknown pattern, circumstance or behaviour. I am sure you have noticed that willpower and discipline alone are not usually able to overcome this habit.
Hypnosis allows you to understand and change these habits and responses to circumstance in the parts of your subconscious that you can not access with logic, willpower or discipline.

It is important that you actually want to stop smoking and are 100% committed to the process. The stronger your personal desire to stop, the easier it will be for you to stop. If you are wanting to stop because of other influence like family or friends, you need to please re consider your commitment to the process.

The hypnosis sessions are highly personalised, and you need to allow a minimum of 90 minutes per session. A minimum of two sessions are required spaced one week apart.

Now that you have decided to quit smoking and are willing to follow the simple three tier - three week system, you can beat the smoking habit for good!

Some information on the smoking behaviour;

  • The "Smoking Addiction"

    Smoking is a regularly re enforced habit that is linked to emotional triggers. The addiction of Nicotine is usually short lived and starts to wane after about 40 minutes.

    A smoking addiction is clearly in the mind and not the body. Evidence of this can be seen when one compares the symptoms of other non chemical addictions like gambling.

  • Psychological effects of smoking

    The smoking habit is often linked to every day and or lifestyle events - Eating, coffee breaks, relaxing with a glass of wine or hot beverage. Smokers miss the act of smoking at these times. Link in to this the "rush" experienced form the effects of nicotine and we see a powerful chemical and emotional habit being formed and they are enforced every time a smoker engages in the habit at these set times.

  • Nicotine Cravings and Withdrawal

    Each nicotine craving lasts from between 3 to 5 minutes. The intensity of these cravings decreases rapidly over time, and can cease completely after about four days. These mild withdrawal symptoms can either be used as a motivator or can be reduced by hypnotherapy.

    Irritability, mild depression and anxiety are closely connected to the bodies detoxification process, and should lesson within a few weeks.

    The much hyped "Nicotine Addiction" is formed with the simultaneous administration of the chemical and the emotional re enforcement (positive or negative) of the behaviour from the environment in which the action of smoking takes place.

    Nicotine acts primarily on the brains reward system - the metabolic dopamine system as well as stimulating the release of corticosteroids and endorphins that helps to reduce anxiety, induce a feeling of euphoria and more efficient information processing. This however is short lived and part of the craving is the need to re experience these elevated awareness levels.


The Three Tier Smoking Cessation System

The three tier smoking cessation system has been specifically formulated to address and successfully end the unique combination of short term Nicotine addiction and long term behaviour re enforcement that is the smoking habit.

A brief breakdown of the three tier smoking cessation system is outlined below.

  • Tier One (week One)

    • Understanding and own the smoking habit.
    • Diary for 7 consecutive days

  • Tier Two (week Two)

    • Client intake, pre talk, hypnotherapy discussion.
    • Diary review and triggers discussed.
    • Hypnotic induction to set up Resource State and Resource Anchor.
    • Positive motivations for next session.

  • Tier Three (week Three)

    • Feedback from the week.
    • Discuss further triggers.
    • Induction to Resource Anchor and Smoking cessation technique finalised.
    • Post Hypnotic discussion.

Please take cognizance of the following and make sure that you take the steps listed at the end:

Giving up smoking will come as a huge relief. Please consider these points;

  • The dependence on smoking is always more psychological rather then physical. It is more the habit than the Nicotine.
  • The idea that there will be terrible withdrawal symptoms is a myth, and there are many situations where you don’t smoke and don’t miss cigarettes at all!
  • Make a note of a few of these situations or circumstances I your life.
    There is no need to gain weight. It is true that your metabolism may change, but with the correct suggestions and motivation, it is possible that you may even loose weight!
  • There is no need for major mood swings. After a few days, you will notice that you area a lot calmer in certain situations.
  • Everybody who smokes, who say that they enjoy it, when pressed, find it impossible to explain why they enjoy it. In all cases, the enjoyment is linked to other pleasurable experiences and not to the smoking!
  • The perceived difficulty experienced in stopping smoking is a myth!
  • Every time you overcome the urge to smoke, even by putting it off for five minutes, you show your self and your mind that you can control this and can give it up completely.
  • Smoking is a sacrifice of yourself, giving up smoking is an enhancement of yourself.
  • Doing with out cigarettes gets easier as time goes by.

Change is easy!

Prepare and wake up your subconscious to the fact that change is forthcoming. Smoke every cigarette from now on with TOTAL AWARENESS.

The sessions are payable up front when booking, Unfortunately I find that people cancel or don’t arrive for these sessions so please make sure you are serious about the therapy as the bookings are non refundable.

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