Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a wonderful way in which we can understand our past emotions, motivations, goals desires or what ever else we need to re visit. This therapy allows the client to be able to take their current wisdom and understanding of life back to a previous time when decisions were made and apply this wisdom to those older circumstances. This brings about a deeper understanding of the clients current circumstance which in turn allows the client to move more easily into the future that they are striving for.

I conduct two types or regression sessions;

Age Regression

This is where we identify a current emotion relation to the circumstance that the client wants to change. I then guide the client back on time using related emotions as stepping stones to finally take us the the point in time in the past, the Initial Sensitising Event, when the emotional need for the current behaviour pattern was first established. A re-framing process is then facilitated in this moment in time with the client. It must be notes that this is a 100% client centered system and at no point does the therapist suggest solutions or outcomes – all these changes, understandings etc come from the client themselves.

Past Life Regression (including Soul Journey and Life Between Lives)

Past life regression is an interesting and sometimes controversial concept. As a metaphysical scholar, I do not necessarily believe in linear time as we work with in every day life. I see things as more of an ever expanding moment in consciousness where everything is occurring in some form right now!

As such, a past life regression is a therapy where your subconscious selects an experience that is relevant for your current understanding and or healing and uses what ever imagery is appropriate for you in that moment to bring about the healing or understanding that is relevant for you.

One’s personal or religious beliefs should in no way be challenged to threatened by this type of therapy because your subconscious is an integral part of the whole spiritual or religious whole person, and any metaphor or imagery generated by that subconscious only serves to bring about a more integrated and better understood image of the self.

The Soul Journey and Life Between Lives allows the person to integrate the past life experience with the present where appropriate. In most cases negative ideas and emotions can be left behind and positive ideas and emotions can be brought forward – again it is client centered and the session is relevant to the client personally and no one else.